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DLL Topics:

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The Webster Pro DLL (E-Type) provides all of the functionality of the original Webster Pro Control as a pure non-OLE DLL-based Windows Custom Control. The only significant difference is that while the original control is an ActiveX object with all of the overhead of OLE/COM interfaces, the Webster Pro DLL does not use OLE/COM but exposes the full complement of Webster Pro properties, methods and events through straight C or C++ function calls.

Like the original control, the DLL is completely self-contained and has no dependencies on any other browser or browser component. It runs on all 32-bit MS-Windows systems.

The DLL is extremely easy to distribute since it does not require registration or installation. You simply copy the DLL file to your application directory, or to any other directory, or you can leave the DLL on a CD or other accessible media. At run time you simply load the DLL and call the Create() function on a CWebsterProWrapper object, resulting in a fully UI-enabled web browser appearing as an embedded child (control) window in your application. This only takes a few statements:

#include "WebsterDllWrap.h"
CWebsterProWrapper m_WebsterPro1;
m_WebsterPro1.Create(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 
                     left, top, right, bottom, 
                     (DWORD) ((LPCTSTR) "0000000000"));
You can also use the extensive Webster Pro property, method and event interface to programmatically control the appearance and behavior of Webster Pro objects. There is no particular limit to the number of independent browser windows you can create in your application.
  • Also in this document are sections on Webster Pro DLL Installation and Usage

  • The Webster Pro interface is documented in the Help file included with the installation package. Much of the same information is also published in the online reference.

  • The include file WebsterDllWrap.h defines a wrapper class named CWebsterProWrapper that is used to create the control object, set and get properties, and call methods.

  • The Dill VC++ sample application demonstrates how to use the Webster Pro DLL to embed browser windows in an application built with the standard MFC document/view architecture. The VC++ source code for Dill is included in the demo package.

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