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Home Page Software Inc. The Webster Pro DLL 30-Day Demo

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  Demo Download

Webster Pro DLL (E-Type) Demo build 934 was posted on December 8, 2003 and corresponds to the current release version, Webster Pro DLL V3.4.

Click here to download the Webster Pro DLL Setup program (websterpro_e_934c.exe, about 880KB). Running this executable copies the Webster Pro DLL to a directory that you select, along with a Help file and and a demo browser application named Dill. The VC++ source for Dill is included.

The file websterpro_e_934c.exe is a ZIP self-installer, so you can also inspect and extract the contents with any ZIP package.

You can use this fully functional demo version of the Webster Pro DLL for evaluation. This demo build will expire 30 days after installation.

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