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Home Page Software Inc. Webster Pro Control Demo Notes

The demo can be used in design mode and run mode for 30 days from installation.

The contents of the Setup executable can also be extracted with any ZIP utility.

A Help file is installed with the demo.

Check out the VB and VC++ source code samples.

  Release Notes for Webster Pro Control Demo v934

The Webster Pro Control is now provided in three versions. In addition to the original 32-bit and 16-bit dynamically linked D-Type controls, the new 32-bit S-Type control is statically linked and requires no MFC support DLLs. An OLE-free, pure DLL Custom Control is also available.

Demo build 934 is functionally identical to Webster Pro Control V3.4, the current release.

  • The major change for this release is the addition of PNG image support.

  • Tweaked values returned from FORM checkboxes to conform with the current behavior of other broswers.

  • Tolerate (ignore) invalid leading blank in numeric tag parameters, e.g. width=" 200".

  • Changed nested BLOCKQUOTE handling to leave a blank line before and after, to conform with the current behavior of other broswers. Previously, was leaving blank line before and after an outer BLOCKQUOTE but not around any nested BLOCKQUOTE.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed TD HEIGHT=n, which was being ignored under certain circumstances.

  • Eliminated the dreaded Neon Pink background image (which was caused by duplicate transparent colors in the image palette.

  • Fixed problem that could vertically displace cell contents by the value of 1/2 CELLPADDING.

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