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  The Webster Code Base

The Webster Code Base is the source code for all our retail and custom browser products. It is written from the ground up in C++/MFC and comprises a robust and extensible set of classes for HTTP communications, HTML parsing, layout and rendering.

The Code Base is under continuous development to keep abreast of evolving Internet and HTML technology. Currently, the package consists of over 150 classes utilizing some 80,000 lines of C++ code. The same source code is used for both 16-bit and 32-bit builds.

  Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners program is targeted at corporate developers who need full control of the source code in order to implement non-standard features or add functionality not present in the base product. Partners receive all updates to the Code Base during the license period for a fixed annual fee, with no royalties required.


For more information please contact Tanny Bear: beart@homepagesw.com

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