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Home Page Software Inc. Webster Pro Control V3.5 Released!

Download a fully functional 30-day Webster Pro demo.

Applications developed with the original Webster, WebTrek or WebViewer controls can be easily upgraded to use the Webster Pro.

Lotus Development Corp. utilizes Webster Code Base technology not once but twice in SmartSuite Millennium Edition. The cool Internet drawers in Lotus SmartCenter and SurfNet SmartMaster in Lotus Approach are both powered by Webster Code Base ActiveX controls.

Webster Pro V3.5 has been released! This update resolves XP/SP2 issues and adds other small improvements.
The Webster Pro DLL (E-Type) is also available. All of the functionality of the Webster Pro Control is encapsulated in a one-piece, OLE-free pure DLL Custom Control for C and C++ developers.
The Webster Pro browsing experience is now available in the free Off By One Web browser. Based on the Webster Code Base, it's small, fast, and installation-free.
The Webster Pro Control is an advanced yet simple to use independent Web Browser Object for VB, VC++ or any other ActiveX / OCX-aware MS-Windows development environment. The Webster Pro ToolBar
The control object is completely self-contained and does not use any other browser components or DLLs, so it is very easy to redistribute and install. Redistribution is royalty-free and without any reporting requirements.
The Webster Code Base is the C++ source code for the Webster family of controls. It is licensed through our Technology Partners Program.

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